petroleum related compounds (Fuel)

The content of your review paper should contain information relevant to the questions listed in the attached files (RCRA and CERCLA sheet). These question sheets are a tool; it is not the final format or style of the deliverable.

The attached files are:
1- independent assgn-RCRA starter sheet.pdf
2-independent assgn-CERCLA starter sheet.pdf
The style of five deliverables are described in each link below, aimed at different audiences.
1-Executive Summary “should target a general audience”:-
The Executive Summary should be written for a general audience, two detailed paragraphs.
This will appear first in your report, but should be written last.
Include the most important details, summarizing other information.
State specifics, such as “incineration is the most economical choice”;
or “SVE, bioslurping, and vitrification are feasible. XXX is considered the best option”.
Be sure your final recommendations are clearly and concisely stated.
This is NOT an advertisement.
Avoid “treatments will be discussed”.
Don’t say what will be discussed –JUST DISCUSS IT DIRECTLY.

2-Waste Management Report “is aimed at a technically educated supervisor”:- The Waste Management Report is directed to your supervisor. Take the position that you are a UD researcher. Your research unit supervisor is a chemist, according to her undergraduate degree. She expects to continue use of the potentially hazardous materials group to which you were assigned. Therefore she has requested that you provide a document detailing the information she needs to know regarding proper disposal of the chemical. This report should contain RCRA related information from the question sheet

3-Remediation Report “intended for the institution’s lawyer”:
The Remediation Report is intended for the institution’s lawyer. A possible leak of your group of chemicals has been reported. The lawyer needs to come up to speed quickly on the potential problems and remediation options that he might encounter. He will not be selecting an option, but will be corresponding with a variety of agencies, contractors, and community representatives. He needs be educated on the technical components, but has little technical background himself. This portion should contain CERCLA related information from the question sheet.

4-Concluding letter:-
The concluding letter is for your supervisor, confirming that your task is complete. The body of the letter should focus on how the documents above have addressed risk communication in two ways:
a. How might the Executive Summary help the neighborhood and businesses nearby;
b. How might the report to the lawyer help.
Specifically, use the terminology and approaches suggested in the risk communication unit .

5-Poster “for peer review in class”:-
Page one should summarize key chemical characteristics. Page two should contain the draft of one treatment method from your report. Print in 20-font

This will be a communication tool between class participants, so that your effort becomes an investment in everyone’s learning experience. In addition, it provides a way for you each to contribute peer review, see other examples of writing, and improve your final report. Treat this as a high quality draft of your work.


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