Personalized Resource Management Package

Individual Assignment #2: Personalized Resource Management Package.
All the activities below should be in ONE document which you submit online to Ilearn.

1) Find any free career self-assessment tool (survey) online, complete it and include a half or one page summary of results. Do not give all the results, just summarize what it says about your capabilities or potential career strengths. Please include the link and the name of the assessment tool (survey). (1/2 or 1 page summary, single space)
2) A one page written career biography: explain what your career will look like in 10 years & how you got there. The focus should be on the jobs you plan to take and your motivation for taking them. (Single spaced and 1 page).
3) Write a one page description of strategies you use or plan to use to develop personal and informational networks over the next two years. (1 page single space)
4) Identify & describe two different sectors and two different career positions that interest you.
5) Create and include a ONE-PAGE Resume that captures your experiences, knowledge, skills, and capabilities: include work and non-work experiences.
6) Write a one page cover letter for explaining why any company should hire or promote you.


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