Personality preferences and Leadership Strategy


Length: 9-10 pages (not including endnotes, etc.), word-processed, double spaced, 12pt , Ariel Font. You must include page numbers.

Style: APA, with appropriate interlinear notes and a summary page of endnotes.

This is a statement of your observations, learning, and strategy, but you need to include your responses to the following. Remember to craft this work as a scholarly, coherent document, not just a series of answers to the following questions. Take the reader on a journey using the following as milestones in the roadmap:

I. THE ISSUE (about one page)

a. What’s the problem/issue in human interactions that brings the topic of personality preferences and leadership strategy to the forefront of our conversation? Identify the issue as you see it, and spend about a page describing this.


a. Keirsey: Given your statement of the issue, what did Keirsey have to say about it? Here you want to include as many of the Keirsey ideas as you can. (From Please Understand Me II by David Keirsey)
b. What do you think about what Keirsey said?

c. Cloud: What did Henry Cloud say about the issue? (from Boundaries for Leaders by Henry Cloud) Frame the ideas you choose to include in your paper in the context of the Issue you identified in I, above.

d. What do you think about what Henry Cloud said?

e. Contemporary Issues: What evidence or examples do you find in contemporary issues that demonstrate the reality of the issue? Include one or two of your favorites.

f. Work Scenarios: Describe the influence of the Issue at work, if you are employed. How are leaders around you impacting the Issue?


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