Personal Statement

  1. Baylor Law School

We encourage all applicants to electronically attach a Personal Statement, which should be approximately two to three pages in length. The Personal Statement must be a product of your own work. It should be prepared without the assistance of other persons or professional writing services. This is your opportunity to persuade the Admissions Committee that you should be admitted to Baylor Law School. Through your Personal Statement, the Admissions Committee will try to get a sense of you as a person and will evaluate your writing ability. Any number of factors could be helpful to the Admissions Committee, including your motivation to study law; evidence of academic achievement, leadership, and responsibility; community involvement; educational, social, and economic background; and any special skills that you possess, such as bilingual language skills or advocacy skills. We are particularly interested in any aspect of your background that would allow you to distinctively add to the diversity and enrichment of the law school environment. The Admissions Committee places considerable importance on the Personal Statement. Include your name and LSAC account number on each page of your Personal Statement.


  1. University of Oregon School of Law

Please tell us the reasons you are applying to law school and, more specifically, why you are applying to the University of Oregon School of Law.

  1. Michigan State University College of Law
  • You must provide a personal statement of no more than three pages in length. The personal statement may address any topic; however, the following questions may be helpful when deciding what to include in the personal statement.
    • In what ways have your life experiences prepared you to succeed in law school?
    • What motivates you to pursue a legal education? What personal or professional goals have you established for yourself?
    • Are there particular reasons you have for applying to Michigan State University College of Law?
    • In what ways have you encountered and overcome instances of adversity, and how might such experiences contribute to your effectiveness as an attorney?
    • In what ways might you contribute to a better understanding of diversity within the MSU Law student body and to the legal profession?


  1. Moritz College of Law – The Ohio State University

Please submit a personal statement of not more than three typewritten pages. You may choose to write about any topic(s) that you believe would be most helpful to the Admissions Committee as they review your application for admission. Potential topics include, but are not limited to, the following: your motivation for the study of law and entrance into the legal profession; professional goals you have established for yourself; leadership goals you have established for yourself; particular challenges and obstacles you have confronted and which you believe are relevant to your past academic performance and/or to your potential for success in law school.



  1. University of Miami Law School


You are encouraged to attach a personal statement as an electronic attachment containing information about yourself, such as standardized test history, if relevant, work experience, interest in the law, or unique circumstances. This information will be used by the Admissions Committee in reaching a decision on your application. While review by others is acceptable, this statement should be written by you alone. (If you are applying for consideration as a Miami Scholar, please be sure to include the following in your personal statement: the importance of public service in a legal career and how you envision utilizing your law degree to promote access to justice.)



Please follow these details specifically. If you have any questions feels free to reach out to me. Also, if you feel that some information on my personal statement is not needed to have a strong statement, feel free to delete that information. Additionally, please feel to rearrange the paragraphs to make sure they flow very well. These are very important to me, and would appreciate it if it handled by someone with expertise in law school admission statements.


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