OSINT Final Project

Assignment Instructions
This is an OSINT project.

1. It has been determined that over 90% of the raw intelligence data obtained by professional intelligence organizations is gained through open source intelligence collection.
2. The intelligence cycle is formally used by just about every organization in the world to one degree or another. This includes the Boy Scouts (national office in Washington, DC developing lobbying efforts.) and world religions, not to mention the FSB, the FBI, the US Department of Agriculture and so forth. Intelligence is not, and never has been, a function limited to military use. Intelligence is a vital force multiplier for every organization.
3. Open Source collection demands that collector knows where and how to look. Open Source collection is not limited to print or electronic sources. It also involves access to any openly promulgated information.
4. The main portion of this assignment requires that you choose a target organization and gather open source data on it. Choose a small organization. Choose an organization you can research within the time limits of a semester. Once you begin collecting raw data, then determine what your main point of emphasis will be. Assume I am your boss, or your client. Assume I have assigned you this project: to learn about organization X. You choose the reason after you gather raw data since I do not know, nor do you perhaps, what exactly you will be able to gather in the few weeks assigned to this course. I want you thinking as an adversary. What information does our organization present that others can gather to harm us. In researching, don’t forget about the CEOs and their families, satellite photos, blueprints, activities, etc. What you find out is information that an adversary can use to their benefit. 
5. Here is the process you should follow:
*identify a target organization you wish to investigate.
*begin collecting raw open source intel data on that target.
*the target may be one of personal or professional interest to you.
*use as many possible open source conduits as possible. 
*do not just stick to books or the internet. Interview. Search. Use satellite photos, search tax records, etc.
*collect and then organize your data.
*determine your approach to this target based on how much data you have collected.
*analyze your data: what does it tell you?
*compose a PPT briefing directed to me that explains your findings, and that is supported by your raw data and analysis. Accompany your PPT with a word document that supports your analysis and any visual collection that you accumulate. 
*upload this briefing to the assignments section by the end of Week 8.
6. This assignment should be a combination of at least 15 pages in length (Word Document & PPT) with supporting graphics (maps, images, tables, social media inserts, etc) that lend support to your narrative (again satellite photos, blueprints, etc). Do not substitute graphic heavy PPT slides in place of detailed analysis and text. You should accompany your PPT presentation with a summary analysis of your findings in a word document or provide the text in the ‘notes’ section that accompany each individual PPT slide – all in proper Turabian formatting. The grading critique rubric is attached below.


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