Organizational Structures and Emergency Management

Using your Organizations: Structure, Processes, and Outcomes text and at least three additional research-based sources, analyze one of the following areas of emergency management from the perspective of advances over the last 40 years:




Your analysis should include specific discussion of the issues that led to the changes you are describing and the influence of research findings on practical application in the field of emergency management.

Font: 12 point Times or Times New Roman, double-spaced.
Writing: Writing should be clear, organized, and free of errors; it should also follow professional standards.
Research: Use at least 5 academic sources; at least 3 of those sources should not be course material.
Length: Your paper should be 2–3 pages, not including the cover page or reference page.

Format: Follow all APA 6th edition style and format requirements.
Include the following components:

Cover page.
Running head.
Page numbers.
Abstract or Introduction.

Book Reference> Organizations: Structures, Processes and Outcomes (10th Edition) Pamela S. Tolbert | Richard H. Hall


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