Organization and Administration in Higher EducationOrganization and Administration in Higher Education

The first simulated Annual Report should be written as if you are completing a full year of activities as the chief student affairs officer of a campus. You should identify yourself by your actual name and simulated title. You should identify an actual 2 year or 4 year campus upon which the simulation is based, so that readers may know the campus characteristics and demographics. The simulation should be written as if you are reporting major achievements or issues in student affairs to the board of control and the general public, as your intended readers. Your simulation should include depictions of activities or issues that relate to major topics of weekly lessons (accreditation, human resources, internal governance, etc.) but not necessarily in the sequence of topics as presented throughout the course, and not necessarily limited to only the number of topics that were addressed.

The simulation should also draw from topical information found in weekly postings of articles as the basis for a reported activity: for example, an article posted for the week 10 topic about human resources made references to the need for hiring considerations tailored especially for millennial generation applicants. Using information from this article as a basis, the Summation Paper could possibly include a reference to a simulated action taken by the student affairs officer to improve hiring practices within the unit to produce millennial generation applicants. In this example, the simulation draws from a real world article and relates to the topical chapter about human relations and hiring practices, to achieve an institutional mission goal of diversity, which you would clearly state in your Annual Report. This is only an example: your actual paper may use material of your own choosing.

So, each simulated activity listed in the Annual Report should relate to one of the chapter topics AND be related to the topic of an online article, AND relate to mission. The list of simulated activities in the Annual Report should be complete enough to show that the student affairs officer was engaged, had a productive year, and was involved in at least as many activities as there are chapter topics. The list may be as long as necessary to meet these criteria, but may be longer to include a greater number of accomplishments related to chapter and article topics.

Summation project papers will be evaluated on the completeness of the assignment, above, showing an achievement related to institutional mission, the topic of a chapter in the text, and an real world article found in weekly postings. Numerous examples of student affairs annual reports are available online, representing different institutions and with varying degrees of effectiveness. It is not necessary in this project to create layout and design for your report, and it is not necessary to provide visuals or graphics within the report. Prepare your simulated Annual Report as if you were preparing copy that would be the basis for a finished institutional Annual Report. If you borrow from a published annual report, give a citation to that work.


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