Observations of a Group Meeting

Addictions counselors with basic group skills can adapt and facilitate groups regardless of the model. To increase awareness of the power of group, you will attend one group meeting. Choose a support group, a growth group, a 12-step recovery meeting, or a therapy group that is focused on some form of addiction. Write observations within 24 hours after attending the group meeting.

Write a two-page paper documenting your observations. The paper should:
•Apply addictions counseling concepts in the process of assessment and change.
•Evaluate personal strengths and weaknesses in the context of an addiction group.
•Respect privacy and diversity in a professionally written manner, with proper citation.
•Identify use of counseling practices in the group setting.

To meet the grading criteria consider the following:
1.The name, type, and setting of the group, and the number of group members, including yourself and the leaders.
2.Document personal reactions incorporating the following questions: •How did you feel in the group?
•How did it feel to share or not share?
•How did you think the leader and participants responded to you?
•How did others sharing affect you?
•Identify one concept that could help with your self-change project.

3.Your reflections on the group process: •What model did the group follow in treating addictions?
•How effective was the group leader (or facilitator or therapist) in your opinion?
•What skills or techniques did the leader use that you identified from course readings, if any?
•What did you like or dislike about the group and its leader? Why?

4.Your evaluation of yourself as a group therapist: •Would you consider leading one of these groups (why or why not)?
•If you were facilitating this particular group session, what would you have done differently?
•What leadership strengths and weaknesses would you bring to the group?

Maintain confidentiality when writing your reflections. Do not include names or specific situations of group members that would identify them or other group members.

Include your reflections, not the reflections of the group members (unless they invoked a feeling in you). This can be written in first person. However, APA format should be followed. Include at least two peer-reviewed articles as references


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