Nursing research

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Book we use in the course:
Polit, D., & Beck, C.T. (2013). Essentials of nursing research (8th ed.). Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

D. Data collection and measurement
• Were key variables operationalized using the best possible method (e.g., interviews, observations, and so on)?
• Are the specific instruments adequately described and were they good choices, given the study purpose and study population?
• Does the report provide evidence that the data collection methods yielded data that were high on reliability and validity?

E. Procedures
• If there was an intervention, is it adequately described, and was it properly implemented? Did most participants allocated to the intervention group actually receive it? Was there evidence of intervention fidelity?
• Were data collected in a manner that minimized bias? Was the staff who collected data appropriately trained?

F. Data analysis
• Were appropriate statistical methods used?
• Was the most powerful analytic method used? (e.g., did the analysis control for confounding variables)?
• Was it clear whether or not the hypotheses were supported?

G. Findings
• Was information about statistical significance presented?
• Was information about effect size and precision of estimates (probability statistics) presented?

H. Summary assessment
• Despite any limitations, do the study findings appear to be valid—do you have confidence in the truth value of the results?
• Does the study contribute any meaningful evidence that can be used in nursing practice or that is useful to the nursing discipline?


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