Nursing informatics

Review the introduction and discuss critically focusing on current health care situation.

As technological development advances, the techniques of educating nursing students have broadened. Not only off-line classroom lectures, but also video lab, projector, audio lab, simulation lab, online education session and so on. And the education level of RN program in clinical practice needs to be more device-friendly, technology-friendly as if it is real patient care setting. Computer program update in simulation laboratory is required for simulation monitoring such as EKG reading and video-based simulation for demonstration of some nursing skills and lectures like power point presentation. For past 4 weeks, I have seen most of students in sim lab experiencing a hard time (1) to utilize computers in simulation lab for simulation of critical care setting such as EKG reading and (2) to watch simulation video In current computer program operation.

Brief Preliminary Literature Search regarding current use of the
technology/PI processes and systems and best practice applications.
Proposed Plan of Action—Student activities to learn more about the
Technology/Applications/PI (e.g. Continuing an advanced literature review, contacting vendors, attending a demonstration or online viewing of the technology; interviewing informatics specialists using the technology, site visit to see the technology in action, talking with end users to identify issues, concerns, problems with current use.)


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