nuclear technology

nuclear technology
full nuclear technology utilization,

Can the risk of nuclear technology failure be reduced by using adaptive management & progressive environmental policy?

Adaptive management is a product of common vision shared by federal, state, city, and local public entities. Structured decision-making enables problems to be decomposed through series of analysis that helps identify the best solutions by bringing all participants to the closest objectives. Stakeholders are the main core of structured decision-making, and they play an important role in all aspects of the process. Conversely, a lack of stakeholders’ full involvement can derail the process

Nuclear technology carries the risk of danger as well as the potential for great achievements. Debates over the weight of risk to potential continue, while various theories and information have given rise to evolving positions on either side. The arguments against nuclear technology are morally correct yet generally include misinformation. With this, the concerns have risen from a rightful mindset, and the politics that have arisen in the meanwhile remain a hindrance in spite of developing information.
Normally, the EPA incorporates risk analysis into environmental impact assessments, (Weiner & Mathews, 2003). Risk is determined by conducting a type of assessment. Basically assessments help us to make informed decisions when we are uncertain about future events. It can be detailed, lengthy and topic item specific in its’ investigation or it can be broad and general. The analysis provides a general method for how one would go about comparing high-probability, low-consequence impacts with low-probability, high-consequence impacts.

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