Not using PPE as per protocol

The Scholarly Paper assignment is to allow students to explore how specific issues, conflicts and/or problems are handled by institutions and the staff. Students will identify an issue (not using PPE as per protocol). Then the student should do a review of literature on the selected topic and discuss its relevance to nursing practice. All written assignments are expected to be the original work of the students and must be presented in a scholarly manner. This includes the following:

Support opinions with citations and rationales
Clarity of expression
Logical sequence of thought and organization of the material into a unified whole
Depth and breadth of content
Compliance with APA guidelines and instructions below.

The students will review current nursing literature on their selected topic (articles must be written within the last 5 years). Focus of this paper will be on the relevance of the chosen topic to nursing. Why is the topic important, how does it affect nursing and why should nurses be concerned about this topic within their professional practice? The length of the assignment will be a minimum of 3 pages, double spaced, font of 12 (not including references) and a maximum of 5 pages. Students will use the current edition of the APA Manual for writing style. The paper will include a minimum of 5 references (peer review references).


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