Nonprofit Case Study

Read Worth the entire chapter 11 including Case 11.1 A and 11.1 B (uploaded). The cases begin on Page 297. The students were required to answer the following: 

1. In the cases above, do the ethical issues involve behavior of a fund-raiser, conditions placed on the gift or the impact of the gift on the organization’s mission and resources, characteristics or personal reputation of the donor, or concerns about privacy? 
2. How would you handle the issues raised by each case? 
3. After reflecting on the presentation viewed this week, describe the parallels of Christian principles and ethical standards of business.

Your job is to reply to three students papers based on the aforementioned questions and uploads. Their papers are uploaded as GL, KB, and MR (three separate papers). Each reply for GL and KB must be at least 200 words and the reply for MR must be at least 150 words. Your reply to each student’s paper must advance the conversation further by providing new ideas and insights, asking probing questions that get to the heart of critical issues, and share from one’s personal and professional experience. The response should not be an agreement or disagreement with their paper, but an evaluation of the author’s analysis. All assertions must be supported by research and must not be based upon one’s “feeling” or “opinion.” Be sure to include a review of the correctness of their facts and consistency with the substance and intent of their references.

Also, provide integration of a biblical concept that supports your reply to each paper. Biblical integration is more than just quoting a verse. Be sure to explain the biblical principle seen in the verse and how that principle may be applied to the issue at hand.

The Bible, NIV, KJV, and NKJV are all acceptable for use in this order.
For each reply, the following should include:

o At least 2 scholarly article (published within the last five years); and
• A relevant business article (any article from a reputable business source—website, magazine, book, etc.—that discusses a relevant business/ethical issue) and;
• Relevant text chapter (I plan to upload this)

Remember to provide new ideas, research, and analysis that create a clear dialogue with each student paper (i.e., each student’s ideas). Go beyond providing basic definitions to topics being discussed. Your reply to each student paper must not read as just another thread, nor regurgitate and restate what the student has stated.

Citations must be in current APA format (including headings). You must use proper spelling and grammar. Article titles are sentence case of the same font type as the rest of the paper. They are not in quotation marks, bold, or italics. 

The word count for each reply is as follows:

There are three replies needed (one per student paper) so the total word count is 550 (not including references). See attachment for student replies. 

Important: Label your paper with the student initials that you are responding to. For example, if you are responding to GL’s paper then write “this response is for GL”. In addition, each response to each student paper must have their own references. Do not combine all the references for all students at the end of the paper. Place the appropriate references under the applicable student’s response.


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