Newspaper critical analysis

Newspaper critical analysis


Paper instructions:
First, read chapter 8. You need to make specific references to material from the textbook, or I conclude that you didn’t read it. And reading the textbook is required for this class.

Read at least three issues of a newspaper (if you don’t get a newspaper, go to a public library and find one). Analyze the paper as to content and coverage. What is the newspaper’s circulation and where does it circulate?

Three issues means three different editions or three different publishing dates. So if you chose the Seattle Times, you might look at the issues published on July 6, 7 and 8. For a weekly newspaper such as the Highline Times or the Federal Way Mirror, you would look at three consecutive weeks. It needs to be the same newspaper and three consecutive, recent copies of the print edition. This is not about the web edition; I want you to read a newspaper that you can hold in your hands and that doesn’t need to be plugged in and recharged.

This needs to be the print version of the newspaper, not their website. How many pages do they run? How many sections and how are they labeled? Who are their advertisers? What is their coverage are and what is their circulation? Who owns the newspaper? Is it part of a chain?

Above all, read the paper and see what you learn. What surprised you about this paper? What news do they cover in their various sections (such as arts, sports, business and news)?


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