Neurological and Psychological Complaint

Neurological and Psychological Complaint

Support all your answers with current and relevant research. All research should be less than 5 yrs (10 yrs. max) or as current as possible. All answers need to include in-text citations and references.
Given the Chief Complaint (CC) and HPI below, write an essay of 500-750 words describing the screening tools you would choose to formulate a differential diagnosis of a neurological and psychological complaint.

a) CC: 18-year-old student athlete complains of dizziness and passing out.

b) HPI: Patient is evasive, very thin, with high blood pressure and lanugo.

2) Your choice of screening tools must be concise, timely, academically sound, and supported with research.

3) Include a minimum of five peer-reviewed, evidence-based resources.

4) Refer to "Screening Tools for Differential Diagnosis of a Neurological and Psychological Complaint Grading Criteria,"

5) Prepare this assignment according to the APA Guidelines

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