MYOB assignment

MYOB Assignment

This part of the subject is generally self-taught and no information or assistance will be provided in the Lectures or Tutorials. However the textbook is well laid out and sufficient in getting a very good overview of the program and to master the assessment task AND to use the program in real life. Here are a few tips and tricks: Book: Read the book from front to back before you make an attempt at the assignment. This is best done in front of the computer with the program running. The book guides you through the program in a logical order. There are plenty of screen prints with explanation on how the program works. Students that try make a straight attempt at the assignment without getting to know the program have generally a frustrating experience. They end up looking up various task in the chapters and essentially will flip through the whole book anyway but mostly in an illogical random order. The result is lots of frustration and missing out on the learning experience to get to know the program. [This is the actual learning objective behind the assignment task]

MYOB Program: MYOB Accounting Right Plus – Educator Edition v19 is available on selected UTS computers under the directory BUSINESS Applications:

You can also download a trial version of MYOB from the MYOB website: The main difference is that files created on the University computers are size restricted [4000 transactions – enough for your assignment ;o)] and files created on a trial version are time restricted for 30 days. After the restriction period files can be accessed as “read only” but no further transactions or changes to the data can be made. MYOB versions: Be aware that files created in an older version of MYOB can be read (upgraded) with newer versions for continued use. Once a file has been upgraded it cannot be opened by the older version. Keep this in mind when switching between computers and different MYOB versions. The interface of newer versions might also look a bit different to the book. Essentially the functions are the same and it should be easy to work out. Timing: You can pretty much start this assignment now! There is no need to wait until it is due later in the semester when you might be busy with other assignments and studying for final exams. Allocate enough time to go through the book and do the case study. File corruptions: We understand some students had issues with their file being corrupted or they are unable to access it. Make sure you read Section 3 in the book where it covers back up procedures and how the file system works. Be particularly careful when working on different computers and copying your files between storage devices. Plagiarism: As per the subject outline this is an individual assignment! You need to work on your own file from the very beginning. The following 6 reports are required to be submitted for this assignment. These are less than the reports listed in the actual book. Please note that if you are not submitting all the required reports the assignment is considered incomplete and will not be marked! Invent your own/individual customer and supplier names – these need to be set up BEFORE you start entering any transactions. Find below some screenshots to find the appropriate reports in MYOB (version 19): 1. Balance Sheet Go to Reports, Accounts tab, Standard Balance Sheet Double click to select the correct period & include account numbers.


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