my life story

instructions ,,, please read
Make sure to re-read Bateson and read other readings in syllabus.

Syllabus description: Create a 5-6 page autobiography re-narrating your life story in light of what you have learned in this class. How does this narration differ from your narration in Week 1?

How has your life made a difference for others?

How might that trajectory continue into the future?

The bibliographic info is not in the PDF files, so here it is in APA ref list format:

Lowney, C. (2009). Heroic living: Discover your purpose and change the world. Chicago, IL: Loyola Press.

This is a monograph, not an edited volume like LLTM, so there is just the one entry in the ref list that covers both chapters.

In-text example: (Lowney, 2009, p. 145).
so you need to use especially (composing life story ) as it asks on the first of the instructions


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