MS degree in Health Promotion Management

My courses :

40 credit hours of graduate work
Course Requirements

Applied Human Physiology and Testing I (4)
Strategic Planning in Health Promotion (3)
Critical Issues (3)
Health Communication (3)
Nutrition for Health (3)
Behavior Change in Health Promotion (3)
Programming for Health Promotion (3)
Health Promotion in Healthcare (3)
Assessment and Evaluation of Health Fitness Parameters (3)
Research Methodology (3)

In-Service Training (3-6)

6 credit hours of the following areas of emphasis:

Concentration-GLOBAL HEALTH

Global Health (3)
Global Health Policy (3)


6 credit hours from the following:
Life Cycle Nutrition (3)
Nutrition Education Methods I (3)

-The comprehensive exam is a two-part process, beginning with the written responses to the set of questions; followed by an oral comprehensive exam. During the oral part of the exam, you will be asked to defend and expand upon the responses to the set of questions and you may be asked other related questions.
The following guidelines should be used when responding to the written part of the exam:
-All papers should be typed, 12-point font, 1” margins on all sides.
-Responses to questions should be well written essays that fully
explore the issue. Usually this takes about 10 pages per question.
-References should be drawn from scholarly work in reputable
-journals as well as textbooks.
-Use the APA style for referencing.
Please see the attachment- four questions.


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