Mexican Restaurant Inc.

Principles of Marketing Company SWOT/Marketing Mix Analysis

-cover page

-table of contents





Section I. Company overview, like the reader has never heard of the company, not long, very brief, what the company does in summary. What is the mission statement? Insert here.

Section II. Fig. 1.1 on pg. 5, who is the customer/target market? Next the four P’s for company (large portion) in general.

Section III. MARKETING STRATEGY/BCG matrix analysis– Pg. 37, fig. 2.3, identify any question marks, cash cows, dogs, stars. Give examples and explanations. You might not have all four, but base it off the market share/product market growth rate, X and Y access

Another section: SWOT ANALYSIS, sub header internal forces, beneath that strengths, beneath that weaknesses. Header external forces, opportunities, threats. Conclusions of the swot analysis, what does the company own that gives it a competitive advantage? Sell it to the reader about the competitive advantages the company owns.

Another section

Big heading, External environment. Working off fig. 1.1 pg. 5

1. competitive forces

2. environmental forces

3. economic forces

4. political

5. technology

6. Socio-cultural

Pg. 90, reread social/cultural forces for backup.

7. legal and regulatory

Political, Legal, regulatory forces, doesn’t have to just hit hard with your company, how could things outside actually hurt/impact your company. Think BIG, get creative, have fun.

Must have in-text citations in either APA/MLA format.

Global Marketing Mix Issues

Use this section of you paper to address questions on p.302 with regard to the 4 marketing mix elements


Points of View on best next steps for the company to gain competitive advantage, changes needed to their marketing mix to gain market share and vision for the future

(also must include SWOT analysis for top three competitors)

Proffesor is looking mainly for business language/vocabulary


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