Method Match assignment

WSTB05 Method Match assignment instructions

This assignment is the next phase in imagining and designing a research project. Building on the Research Topic you have already proposed, your task now is to think about how to go about researching your question(s). More specifically, you need to choose a methodology: as we’ve discussed, a methodology includes both theories and practical methods.

There are three steps to the Method Match assignment.

  • Look for an MA thesis that is the matically similar to what you are interested in doing. Each MA thesis should include a chapter called “Methodology”; this will usually be the 2nd or 3rd chapter of the thesis. You will likely need to spend some time refining your search terms (as well as publication dates, university/institution, and so on) before you find theses similar to your topic. You will likely also need to download and read the introduction and methodology chapters of a few theses before you find something that is not only thematically similar to yours, but also makes sense to you methodologically. This is your “match”.
  • Begin to conceptualize how you would carry out your own research using the “matching” method you have found. To do this you will need to work on expanding or focusing your research question(s), and as well as brainstorming where, and to whom you might ask your research question(s).
  • Write up your findings. That means providing
    • a short description of the topic of the thesis that you have chosen, and the methodology used in that thesis;
    • your own brief analysis of why the particular methodology was used in the thesis you chose;
    • and finally, some details of how you would use the “matching” methodology to carry out your own research.

Format: 2—3 pages, double-spaced, Times new romans, Please provide bibliographic information for your “matching” thesis.

** I uploaded the previous assignment “WSTB05 research topic” with comments. Please take a look. Thank you!


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