Mental health


Choose a mental health case that you have attended on your clinical placements. Please de-identify the case – no place or name identifiers. If you have not attended a case or a case you feel comfortable discussing then two cases will be provided for you to choose from. This assignment gives you the opportunity to discuss:

  • 1)  Key features of the case
  • 2)  The relevant history taking and components of the mental health examination for that 
  • 3)  Current literature regarding the biological, social and psychological causes of mental 
  • 4)  Current literature regarding treatment and care for that person

It is expected that you demonstrate an understanding of mental illness and the care and treatment provided. Your work needs to be supported from both text books and current literature. At least five journal articles are expected to be part of your literature search. The aim is to provide recent evidence regarding practice and care provision for those with mental illness.

Higher grades will be awarded for clear demonstration of an understanding of the components of a mental health examination. The use of literature to support practice and a critical evaluation of the care provided to the patient.
These are some questions to help you think about the case.

  1. What are the possible provisional diagnoses for this presentation?
  2. What history would you like to know and why?
  3. What assessment would you do and what would you take note of and why?


The purpose of this assessment piece is to develop knowledge of the biological, social and psychological factors which effect the development of mental illness. The assignment provides the opportunity to investigate current research into a specific case of mental illness attended in clinical practice. The assignment requires knowledge of communication techniques, relevant literature, current practice and further care provision for those experiencing mental illness.


  • literature search for relevant information targeting communication, biological, social and psychological causes of mental illness (directly relevant to the case chosen from practice)
  • Consideration of other possible causes (differential diagnoses) for the case.
  • recognition of signs & symptoms and the relevant mental state examination
  • Knowledge of paramedic care & out-of-hospital management of the case
  • Knowledge of resources and further treatment pathways available for the individual 
cared for.


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