memo of developing recommendations about the problem in the case

Case Analysis memos requirements:


  1. This assignment will be in the form of a memo addressed to the executive director of the focal organization, not to exceed 2 single spaced pages.
  2. The memo must identify the problem as you see it, recommend solutions, and provide support for your perspective.
  3. An analysis memo is a short document designed to communicate essential information about an issue to a busy decision-maker.
  4. State one problem presented by the case and briefly explain the context in which key decisions must be made. Next, describe and assess proposed solutions to the problem, which you believe is the best course of action, and your reasons. Then, identify the next steps if your proposed solution is adopted and outline a “Plan B” in the event that your proposed solution fails. Show how the readings informed your understanding of the case and influenced your decision-making.
  5. Do not attempt to address every issue in the case, focus on your analysis of the problem and propose one or two potentially viable solution.
  6. In the last of the case, the company is facing difficulty situation, you need to focus on how to proceed. (more useful tips)
  7. Please use a simple and direct style, putting your conclusion or recommendation in the first paragraph. List references, if necessary, on a concluding page.
  8. Use paragraph headings: a) summary, b) background: diagnosis, c) Recommendations, d) Next steps.
  9. Keep the summary and background (diagnosis) in no more than 2/3 single spaced page, and keep the recommendations and next steps in more than one single spaced page. ( overall not exceed two single spaced pages, not included the reference page)
  10. Use some bullet points or numbers to list things in memo would be much clearer.
  11. Do not make a lot of recommendations. Focus on most important problems, spend more time elaborating recommendations (2 or 3 recommendations is enough)
  12. Do not have unnecessary space on background information.
  13. Include all of the parts, and fully integrate For example, diagnosed a problem and directly relate the recommendations to the problems you diagnosed.
  14. Do not see the problem as historical: there was never an attempt to integrate the chapters and now there are a lot of communication and coordination problems between them.
  15. Requirements Page and format requirements: 2 pages, single spaced including all graphics. Use Times New Roman font with reasonable margins (looks count) and a 12 pt font size. One or two References, if necessary, should be included on a separate, final page of the document



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