Maximo system

The goal of this project is to serve as a starting point for developing the skills required to utilize the power of Information Systems (IS) as a general manager. Towards this objective, you will be developing a business case of an IS solution for a local organization.
We will follow the sample business case prepared by ICG in developing this business case (Sample-Business-Case.pdf – available on Blackboard). The following lists the steps in business case development process adapted & modified from the ICG business case:
1. Identify a target business process for improvement.
2. Identify viable alternatives to improve the business process; the existing process
is always an alternative.
3. Analyze the alignment of the alternatives to strategic objectives at the business or
public organization levels.
4. Review all stakeholders that have an interest in either alternative.
5. Complete a Qualitative cost/benefit analysis.
6. Complete a Risk Assessment to develop a Risk Factor.
7. Final Recommendation.

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