Manufacturing System Design & Analysis

Manufacturing System Design & Analysis
Spring 2015
IMSE 580
IE Innovation L.L.C

Sufyian H Al Qahtani
Dr. Margaret J. Rys

Course Description

The participant in the class should apply all of the knowledge that they gain through out the past semester more over, the prerequisite classes for IMSE 580 is to complete 24 credits as an IE major classes. Students in the class will design a real company and register it in Kansas, chose a product to be produce, name the company and election for some of the positions in the company.

Course objective

•    Ability to design and produce a product.
•    Be able to come with ideas to compete with others, price wise.
•    Apply the knowledge from the classes been taken.
•    Express the real world job, which allow the students to work with each other as a team.

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