Manchester Institute of Education University of Manchester.

Manchester Institute of Education University of Manchester.

The Assignment
There are two options for this assignment.
Option A – Evaluation of an existing piece of multimedia material.
For this option you choose existing multimedia materials and you evaluate them as they relate to
key multimedia concepts discussed on the course. The evaluation can be separate, or built into the
rationale (see below).
The length of the evaluation is 1200-1500 words
Option B – The creation of a small multimedia exemplar using either software demonstrated as a
part of the course unit, or available in your local context.
Whether you choose Option A or B you must also produce a rationale.
The Rationale
The rationale should demonstrate that you have considered carefully the role that multimedia might
play in a specified educational context.
As part of the rationale, you should:
1. describe the context that is the focus of this assignment. Include in your context description
information about the users/learners. Explain why your focus in the assignment is pertinent to them;
2. discuss how your understanding of relevant issues from the literature have influenced your
multimedia materials evaluation choice or your creation of the multimedia materials;
Depending on the material you have chosen to evaluate or produce, such issues might include the
development of specific skills through the use of multimedia, the role of different media in relation
to learning objectives, the area of feedback, how autonomous learning is developed though
programme design etc.
3. show how the material will meet the needs of the users described in 1). If you are evaluating a
piece of software, you should show what measures you would take to use it effectively in your
context (e.g. in the classroom, or in an online learning or self-access context). If you are creating a
piece of teaching material, you should show how you would use it, or how it would be used by the
EDUC7051—Multimedia Design and Development
Manchester Institute of Education University of Manchester
Word count
Your rationale should be between 2000 and 2500 words and should not exceed 3000 words.
This means that the overall length of an Option A assignment will be a minimum of 3,200 words and
no more than 4,500 words.
Option B assignments will be a minimum of 2,000 words with an absolute maximum of 3,000 words.
If you would like to collaborate with someone else in the class on the assignment (Option B only),
this is perfectly acceptable. Note that in this case you will still need to write separate rationales.
If you would like to discuss an alternative assignment to the one proposed, see Susan as soon as you
Hand in date: 20th May, 2015.

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