Management of Professionals

Management of Professionals

The book is:

Hellriegel, D. & Slocum, Jr., J. (2011). Organizational behavior, 13th edition. Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.

The assignment is:

"For your individual work this week, recall what you have learned about the seven key competencies necessary for effective management. You will use this information to analyze a real world case and further differentiate the key attributes among these competencies.

For this assignment, select an organization for which you have worked or volunteered. Write a paper in which you complete the following:
? Describe how this organization?s management displayed the seven key competencies. Why is this important?
? For each competency, provide an example that demonstrates it and explain how that competency impacted management style.

Make sure to include examples of the following competencies in your assignment: ethics, self-competency, diversity, across-cultures, communication, teams, and change."

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