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Dear C-21 Students

Welcome back!

This semester, I am your tutor for The Integrated Management Project – IMP.

This unit spans across two semesters.  The first part of IMP is taken in Semester 3 and the second part in Semester 4.

There are two submissions in IMP 1 in Semester 3:

  1.  The first submission is a short proposal of 350-500 words which describes the nature of the problem being identified; what theories, tools and techniques are available to provide a business solution; and how the various parts of the business/ organisation come into play, i.e. the integrated nature of the problem is critical here.

This means you will be drawing on your previous and current units in your MBA – Leading and Managing People, Leadership styles and qualities from LP 1 & LP2, Accounting & Finance, Marketing, Competing in a Global Context, Operations and Project Management, Strategy, Entrepreneurship etc.  It is important that you should identify the problem within your own organisation.

In-text references and citations are not required at this stage.

This submission is due by 1st November 2015 via a BREO a link.  The link will not work after this date and submissions will not be accepted by email.

Your unit tutor will assess the proposal and indicate whether it is in the right direction. This submission is not graded.  It is, however, important to make this submission, as it informs the unit tutor how you are progressing towards your second submission.


  1.  The second part of IMP -1 is a 4000 word submission that addresses the assessment brief, which is to produce a report that:

Identifies an issue in your organisation that has multiple and varied approaches to its resolution.

The issue need not be one of failure but may be a challenge facing an organisation. This should be current or impending but not a past issue.

You will identify and integrate a range of theories and techniques drawn from multiple appropriate disciplines from your MBA in the creation of appropriate solutions.

How will you approach this assessment?  Answer: By elaborating on the proposal and addressing the areas that the unit tutor has indicated in the feedback to your proposal.   Explain which theories, tools and techniques are being used and justify their choices.  Remember that the integrated nature of the problem is critical here.

In-text references and citations are required at this stage.

Once you have framed the problem you will identify and discuss theories, models and paradigms related to the problem.  Make sure that you look at the problem from different points of view and relate them to your learning from as many different units of the MBA.  For example:

  • People – LMP, LP, MCI – how does your problem/ solution impact on the team & company?  Performance, leadership, managing creativity/innovation etc.
  • Financial aspect – AfL – How will your solution improve/ impact positively on the financial aspect of the company?
  • Marketing – How does your problem/solution impact on the marketing dimension?
  • Strategy – From the Strategy unit (Business Strategy) TCGC (locating your problem / organisation within the wider context of global business/ sector – macro-environmental impact – PESTEL, etc.) or business models and strategies from the unit on Entrepreneurship and Small Business
  • Operations Management – How does the problem/solution impact on the supply chain, procurement and operational management issues?
  • Project management – Consider the models for managing change and other project management theories or models.  Can any of these be applied to your problem area?  You may use the soft and hard systems approach within this context.  Is there any other approach that would be appropriate? If so, present it (with appropriate referencing) and explain how and why it is more suitable to the task at hand.

This is not an exhaustive list and you may want to broaden the range of theories as you see fit.

Again the unit tutor will be assessing the submission and indicating broadly whether it is headed in the right direction.  She will also make suggestions for improvements if necessary.  This is not a graded submission. It is, however, critical that all students make the submission as it ensures that they are well on track to have worked on a substantial part of the unit’s final assessment.









Success of any organization is the final result of different factors, all combining to achieve the desired result. These factors, such as values, goal setting, communication, etc are essential tools for success. However, individuals and their expertise in any organization are also key players leading to that success and if their stratification is not maintained at the highest possible level, then the organization may incur some losses. This proposal highlights the challenges that the Project Department in the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunication faces in the delivery of mega construction projects.

The problems:

The pattern of workforce in the department is as follows:

  1. New staff: They have less than 5 years’ experience and represent 75% of the engineering staff.
  2. Mid-experienced staff: Their experience ranges from 5 to 10 years and they represent 10% of the engineering staff.
  3. Experienced members having experience of more than 10 years, and up to 25 and 30 years of experience, representing 15% of the engineering staff.


The aim of highlighting these percentages is to show the nature of the unbalanced structure in the department, which is leading to problems and issues with regard to output in the delivery of this project, especially in the case of newly joined staff. Lack of adequate numbers of middle management is unfortunately creating gaps between senior management and new staff, which results in dissatisfaction, among other avoidable negative tendencies. Despite the fact that new joiner members work in a secure government body, with job safety and reasonable package, this is not helping them either in improving their productivity or in producing better quality work.

The solution:

Having identified the problems, it’s too early to talk about the solution without detailed investigation. There are several motivation theories which explain what encourages people to carry out their work to the highest possible performance standards. However, most of the theories arise from similar principles and framework.. Herzberg motivation theory or the two factor theory is one those which could be used to apply and reflect on the current situation within the organization to find out which part has not been achieved and may cause dissatisfaction. The report highlights in detail every element in both the hygiene factor and the motivational factor to determine which factor or part is fulfilled and which one is not yet achieved and potentially may lead to employee dissatisfaction.

Instructor comments

The problem statement would benefit from greater clarity. Staff motivation appears to be the issue but you need to articulate it more clearly. As you present it the disparity in terms of length of employment and experience is not sufficiently explicit to undertake the analysis. Be more specific in identification of the issue In terms of theories, tools and techniques you might find a soft systems approach appropriate alongside other tools and techniques covered. Herzberg might not be the most appropriate theory clearly determine the problem and then identify appropriate tools to evaluate.




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