1. Mainline logic is one in which one procedure follows another from the beginning to the end. Every procedural program can follow a general structure that consists of three distinct parts: housekeeping, detail or main loop, and end of job tasks. 
Discuss these three parts, what they include, and why we use them.
You may use an example as part of your discussion.
Explain the differences between a variable and data types
WIn conducting interviews you will be required to develop expertise with certain skill sets, if you are to become adept as an interviewer – five will dominate: listening, observing, questioning, responding, and informing.

2. Describe the importance of each of these skills, in turn, in relation to the counseling interview (i.e., rank each of these skills in order of importance to the success of the counseling interview process), and explain the reason for your decision.hat other source did you find that helped you improve your understanding of Python Programming Language: https://www.python.org/


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