Lodging Management – Environment Scanning

Assignment: Environment Scanning

Choose an environmental change which is taking place now or expected to happen in the near future.  To find out information about the happening or potential change, look up articles obtained from any kinds of on/off-line media, for example, magazines, newspapers, journals, and
such.  Environmental changes encompass technological, demographical, economical, ecological, political/governmental or other kinds of changes, which any particular individual or company can not control.  Summarize the articles to compose a report and include your thoughts about
the change.

Required contents

Title of your report

Your name (This is an individual assignment)

Introduction (5 points)
Briefly describe the environmental change and the reason you choose the particular change
among others.

Environmental Change Analysis (20 points)
Present a summary of the articles in a logical way, provide your interpretations and thoughts
about the change and potential impact to the hospitality industry, and support your interpretations
and thoughts.

Recommendations for Actions (20 points)
Based on your analysis, suggest actions for an individual hospitality operation to take for better
performance in the future in response to the threats and opportunities which the environmental
change would bring.

Conclusion (5 points)
Reemphasize the criticality of the change and recommended responses to the change.

Times New Roman (12pt), 1 -space, one-inch margins, and two full pages.
Please include APA style references on a separate page.

** There is no required number of articles you should refer; however, 4 or more articles are
expected. That will provide you with sufficient depth of information and insights and thus make
your writing easier.

** Minimize direct quotations from the articles you found. That will be considered as direct copy
and paste and not your own writing. Exceptions are applied to those specific terms that you
cannot replace otherwise.


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