Lifecycle Engineering

• To understand how to develop a WBS and quantify time
• To understand how to model using CPM – SureTrack
• To understand how to set up tools to measure risk – SureTrack and @Risk
• To understand and interpret and analyse results from the models to assess risk
• To develop mitigation measures for risks identified.

The task
• Carefully study the New Hong Kong Airport Transit System (HKATS) project through viewing the Discovery Channel film and online searches
• Choose a small subproject belonging to HKATS and develop your own work-breakdown structure (30 to 50 activities, so high level) – it must be realistic
• Devise a three point timing matrix (with variances) for this structure and produce a plan using CPM
• Produce a Gantt Chart from this plan and analyse the output
• Use @Risk to undertake PERT – quantify the probability of completing the project in accordance with your CPM, quantify the probability of delivering 10% early, and quantify the probability of delivering 10% late.
•Identify the major 3 risks in your plan and state how you intend to mitigate them

• Report must be typed and submitted to Moodle – Turnitin may be used
• Structure of the report; Introduction, brief description of HKATS, brief description of your chosen project, CPM of your project plus analysis, PERT of your project plus analysis, risk analysis plus mitigation, conclusions.
• Report should be no more than 10 pages including diagrams
You may work in groups but your reports must be independent – remember Turnitin.
Official version of SureTrack and @Risk will be on university machines only. You may find limited free versions of the software packages online.
Part of the exercise will be for you to learn how to use the packages.


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