Letter of Request

Short Writing Assignment-Letter of Request

Direct Request Letter: Too Many Résumés Your company is overwhelmed with résumés for advertised positions. The director of Human Resources asks you to begin investigating résumé scanning software. However, she doesn’t want a visit from a software salesperson until she knows more about the possibilities. You are to compose a letter that can be sent to different software vendors asking for information. You need to know whether their software can identify job-specific knowledge and experience. One problem your company has experienced has to do with inappropriate information submitted by job candidates. For example, you don’t want to know the applicant’s race or age. How does the software avoid displaying such information, if the applicant includes it? What about references? This area would seem to need fields available for customization. Does the system rank the résumés according to the job skills and experience required? You would really like a system that, when it finds a great résumé, moves it to the top of the list and perhaps even has a “More Like This” function. Your Task. Prepare a letter that can be used to send to a number of résumé software vendors. Remember that you want answers, not a visit from a salesperson or the URL of a Web site. Use your imagination to ask open-ended questions that elicit effective feedback. Decide how you want the receiver to respond and by when. How can you make it easy for the receiver to respond? Please complete the writing assignment independently and you should not work with your classmates or friends. 1. Analyze audience, anticipate audience’s reactions, and tailor your message to target audience. 2. Follow the appropriate business letter format and use block style (see a template on page 144). 3. Please prepare a three-part message, which includes an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. 4. Please arrange a series of relevant questions in the body of the message. Please include all necessary information in the scenario described above and add information if necessary. 5. Please apply business writing techniques in this message. · Spotlight audience’s benefits · Cultivate the “you” view · Express yourself positively.


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