Legal research project

Legal research project
Case analysis
Social impact
Personal opinion
SUBTITLE Each section. Model.
Title page, research project, name class

First, introduction why are you interested in this legislation. General.
Write the law as it appears in the CA Code. Access lexis Nevis. Find a code your interested in based on the subject your interested in. Specific code section. Write down verbatim. Only the code. DO not include addendums. Print up to the word HISTORY, NOT THE ANNOTATION. most codes are half a page long.

Every law must have a purpose. Write down the rationale. Why did they write this law? Why was it passed. All laws must satisfy due process laws.

Easy to find a case to find the Case on lexis nexus. Brief the case. Use FILAC, ONLY ONE CASE. If you use 2 cases then he will assume your cheating. Cite the case and make sure that your law is applied in that case. Write the law verbatim. Write the law in your case.

Some laws are so new that there are no cases in CA. IF you don’t have a case go to LAW REVIEW JOURNAL and there will be articles on that law. If you use that only do one article. And do a one page summary. Also make sure that case is new POST 1980!!!

How is that law impacting society. Is it helping people or hurting. Half a page at least.

Last personal opinion. What do you think about that law. What is your stance? What do you think on the laws application.

APPEARANCE is very important!!! Proof reading. Have someone proof read it! Have a professional appearance.

There is a model online under syllabus. There is model. Good research paper 5-6 pages.


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