Learning, teaching and assessment plan and supporting essay

My assessment involves creating a 50 minutes seminar lesson plan for ONE session (I will provide a sample for a different subject) aimed for an undergraduate year 2 mathematics students (The topic of that session can be anything related to what a second year undergraduate student would be taughte.g.. Complex analysis, Numerical methods etc).

Following this, I need to write a 2000 word piece which demonstrates consideration of the activities within the plan accompanied by appropriate rationale for their implementation. This aspect of the work must draw on relevant theory and literature, and demonstrate an appropriate level of criticality and analysis.

Assessment Criteria:

-Explain and justify the focus of your teaching plan with reference to your previous, current or future practice (10%) 
-Comprehensive lesson plan clearly outlined (10%)
-Consideration of appropriate activities within your plan with rationale for their implementation (30%).
-Critical discussion throughout with appropriate application of theory/literature (30%).
-Clear, concise and logical development of the work with accurate referencing using a recognised referencing system (10%)
-Completion of a self assessment with marks and comments provided (10%)

Lastly, for the self-assessment criteria, I will attach a document that has to be completed, 
to fulfil the last criteria. That is to consider how well you believe you have met each assessment criterion, and what mark you would give yourself for each. Also you should comment on what you have been able to do well and discuss whether there are areas you could develop further.


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