Learning in Higher education

Learning in Higher education

The essay will demonstrate your ability to:
• Correctly structure an academic essay and incorporate the essential technical
elements such as; an introduction and conclusion.
• Locate appropriate academic sources and use them to inform your thinking and
substantiate the points you have made in your assignment.
• Compile an accurate reference list based on the Harvard system of referencing adopted by Education Studies Department.

? Very good level of understanding and knowledge of the concept of ‘transferable skills. Good evidence of wider reading.
? In most parts, evidence of critical appraisal of ideas and concepts that is good for level 4. Demonstrates good evaluation of the importance of transferable skills by assessing their worth and/or usefulness.
? Applies knowledge and understanding of transferable skills to wider studies/ practical settings for future employability, by giving examples of how these skills might be used.
? Communicates clearly and effectively why learning about and improvement in transferable skills is important.
? Harvard system of referencing used fairly consistently and fairly accurately. Most citations clearly articulated.


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