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here is the 6 subjects of issa cft final exam each one of them in one page and you have to explain and feel free to ask if you need anything.

the name of the book is ” Fitness The Complete Guide “. make sure that should be ISSA. and It should be 275 words minimum each subject. 

1- Identify the major surface muscles located in the body. Where are the origins and insertions of these muscles? List the intended actions as well as an exercise or movement for each. A minimum of fifteen muscles is required.

2- Identify the first, second, and third class levers in the musculoskeletal system (at least ten). What class of lever is predominant throughout the body? List five exercises for this predominant lever class and list in what plane of motion each is performed.

3- Identify fifteen pieces of exercise equipment. List whether each uses constant resistance, variable resistance, accommodating resistance, or static resistance. Are there any improvements you would make? If so, what would you change

4- Define periodization and its components. Give three different examples of when periodization can be utilized. Is periodization for everyone? If no, why not? If yes, why?

5- Pick five supplements currently on the market. Find research based on the supplements and the ingredients. What were the results or findings? Were the studies funded by the supplement company? Is this a supplement backed by credible science? If not, why do you think so many people are currently using it?

6- Perform at least one exercise for each major muscle group on a stability ball. Were you able to use the same weight as you normally do? If not, why do you think you could not use as much resistance? What populations would benefit from the use of incorporating stability ball training? Are there certain individuals who should not use a stability ball?


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