LDS-Current Events-Ethical Issue

This assignment is regarding current events related to ethical issues with research subjects. This would require a selection of an article. An example that was used was the following by another student: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Research Integrity (2015), found that Anil Potti, M.D. falsified data in papers, grant applications, manuscripts, and research records concerning his research into additional medical applications of the drug dasatinib. According to Wikipedia, the drug is used for certain leukiemia-type cancers and was being evaluated for use in treatment of other cancers, including prostate cancer. Although most of the case summary is medical terminology, it appears Dr Potti was researching its use in treatment of lung cancer. You will see the findings against the researcher and a voluntary settlement agreed to by the researcher. My heaviest question is, what happens financially? There is no mention of the researcher being required to repay the 6 grants awarded by the Federal gevernment. With research funding being so extrememly tight, it seems to me repayment should be part of the settlement agreement.”

You create the threads for this this area. Put your subject area in: send us links in what you are finding. What outrageous things are you learning, reading about, twittering, and other places. Apply what you are learning in these discussions. What got screwed up and why? Who is responsible? These can be local, state, national, and international. (Equal opportunity to try and find some justice.)

Each class member is expected to contribute at least one current event and one Question Thread regarding a current event where there are ethical issues, social justice issues, or downright shaving the law with a razor. Enjoy and respond with knowledge AND emotion, using what you have learned.


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