Language Learning

Assignment 2 Research project
1. For students to investigate and describe an area of their choice from the unit in more depth.
2. For students to critically evaluate research done in the area they have chosen.
3. For students to assess the impact that the area they have researched has had on first and/or second language learning.
Part 1: Choose a topic discussed briefly in the unit. The topic can be in the area of psycholinguistics, first language acquisition
or second language acquisition/learning. You should not choose a topic you have already covered in Assignment 1. You
should indicate how research in the area has changed over the years, giving examples of early research and more current
thinking. Some example topics are:
Language related disorders/neurolinguistics
l Aphasia
l Dyslexia
l Deafness
l Language and the brain
l Memory and schema theory
Language development
l Pidginisation
l The role of error
l Natural order
l Foreigner talk
l Communicative competence
l Animals and language
l Children who are isolated
Language and technology
l Speech recognition
l Virtual dialogues
First language acquisition
l Motherese/ caretaker speech
l Literacy
Second language acquisition
l The age factor
l The effect of learner beliefs
Non-verbal language
l Sign language
l Other forms of communication
Part 2: The second part of your paper should address the way in which what you have researched has impacted upon
language learning (first or second ) either in or out of the classroom.
Part 3: Conclusions
2,500-3,000 words approximately


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