: Landscape Report

After reading Mitchell’s (2008) axioms for reading the landscape, undertake a real or virtual field trip of one of the areas of Sydney. You may also choose an area of Sydney that is of specific interest to you if you wish. Undertaking the field trip may involve:

Visiting the area; documenting the field site with photographic or ethnographic data; recording conversations and interactions with people at the site
Conducting other forms of interactional research (calling or sending emails to organisations, institutions, individuals, businesses)
Conducting online detective work. Sources may include:
o Google street view
o Academic databases
o Organisational websites

Your report must reflect upon how your chosen area is indicative of some or all of Mitchell’s axioms for reading the landscape:
1) The landscape is produced; it is actively made: it is a physical intervention into the world and thus is not so much our “unwitting autobiography” as an act of will.
2) Any landscape is (or was) functional.
3) No landscape is local
4) History does matter.
5) Landscape is power.
6) Landscape is the form that social justice takes.

You may choose to focus on a specific axiom in depth, or cover a number (or all) of the axioms. Your field notes and first-hand data should be supported by peer-reviewed, academic articles that can support your claim. Report must contain field data and five peer-reviewed, academic articles.

The report will be assessed on:
You will be assessed on:
The quality of your observations and investigative work;
The depth and breadth of academic research to support your observations and investigations;
Your ability to express this information clearly; and
The accuracy, detail, and consistency of your referencing.


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