Journey Paper

In essay form, write about your class experience; impressions, thoughts, feelings and ideas. How have you changed? What did you discover about yourself? What have you learned about acting? What do you still need to learn and work on? Will the experience of this class help you in your academic, artistic or life journey? How? Include anything as it directly relates to your journey and progress in this course. Due December 16.

Information you may need about me and the class:
The class is once a week two hours and half in Friday, and the book name is The Keys to Acting. and I didn’t go to the first class in the beginning of the semester because I register the class in Friday afternoon and the class was at 9 am, I go to every class I never miss one, I’m shy at class I never talk until I been asked, I didn’t feel good when I register the class but the professor way and advice make me feel better, the class mate they were so nice and respectful, the professor so nice to every one and trying to make the class for fun and trying hard to see all of us to learn and perfume better for acting and enjoy the class, this class I was happy to go to but I was so nervous when I act and that’s the problem and I keep forgot what I memorize from the monologue, and he alway let us do open juster in the beginning of the class and like what he said let the kid inside you be out when you be in the class. And when I went to theCHAVEZ RAVINE by Culture Clash and All That He Was by Larry Johnson and Cindy O’Conner. these shows was the first show I ever been here in Los Angeles. I learned a lot from the class how to create from my emagnation and how to listen to other story and talk about others story like it was mine he let us do that in the class listen to other student story and talk about it. and he told us how the actor work on the stage and when I went to these shows I know what he mean. he is fantastic professor. 
If you need any additional information just let me know and send me a message.


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