Journal Article Reviews

� Section 1 � Library research description 
� Section 2 � Article abstracts and references
� Section 3 � Research descriptions 
� Section 4 � Article evaluation 

Section 1 � Library research description 
� Choose a topic of social importance or a social research topic related to your major area. 
� Access the HCT library webpage
� Using one or more of the HCT library webpage search applications, find three articles or book chapters about the topic. Each article you select must have a description of primary research. 
� Describe the process by which you found the three articles or chapters. 
o For each source 
? Name the search application used
? State the search words and/or phrases which you used 

Section 2 � Article abstracts and references
Each article you choose must include an abstract. The abstract is a short description of the topic, purpose, and findings of a research article found before the main text. For each article copy:
� The title
� The abstract
� The APA reference 
� The article word count 

Section 3 � Article research descriptions
For each of your articles describe the research and the findings with greater detail than in the abstract (75 to 150 words each). Points for discussion should include:
� The article title 
� The population (who, where and when)
� The research approach (qualitative, quantitative, or mixed)
� Sampling or participant selection procedures; N sizes; data collection methods
� The main results
� Mention if you think there is important information missing from the research methods description or the results. Or, state if you think there is a problem with the data relative to the conclusion 

Section 4 � Article evaluation
Rank your three articles from most to least significant (or from best to worst). 
� In the case of your highest ranked article write an article review in which you discuss why you think the findings are important (200 � 250 words).
o What important information does the article provide?
o How are the findings important to your topic area? 
o How might the information be important to professional practice or public policy? 
o Based on the findings of the article, what more would you like to know about the topic?

Possible topics
You may choose from the following topic areas for your article review. All three articles must fall within same topic area and each must include empirical research data. 
� Air travel (regional changes; purposes)
� Alcoholism
� Attitudes towards renewable energy 
� Computer literacy 
� Cyber security 
� Drug use
� Education (attainment levels; male versus female; major areas) 
� E-government (usage rates and purposes)
� Emiratization 
� Internet addiction 
� Literacy 
� Marriage and divorce
� Recreation and leisure activities 
� Renewable energy application (who and how many are using what sorts of RE)
� Research and scientific development in the UAE 
� Retirement planning
� Smoking
� Spending habits 
� TV viewing habits 
� Worksite safety


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