Jewish Studies

Paper details:Rosenthal D. The Isrealis: Ordinary People in an Extraordinary Land (N.Y.: Free Press, 2003)

The critique essay should be formatted as follows:

1. Write the scholar’s/author’s/director’s name, complete title of the work: title of journal/book/film, volume number, date, month and page numbers
2. Write a short Synopsis of the book, article, film, etc.
3. The author’s purpose
6. The author’s method and approach (if it is a movie: how the director builds the plot. If it is a written paper find its THESIS, ANTITHESIS AND SYNTHESIS, and explain why you chose these ideas

Body of Paragraphs:
➢ Explain your conclusion(s) by stating your reasons
1. Synopsis
2. Write about the main purpose/ thesis and significant points of the book/article/film
3. Is the purpose of the work made clear in its introduction?
4. Do you find errors and misprints in the text?
5. Did the author overemphasize or underemphasize ideas?
6. Should some of the sections be expanded, condensed or omitted?
7. Is the objective of the project important?
8. Was the author successful in making his/her point?
9. Did the author build a logical argument?
10. Do you think the article/book has enough valid information or is it outdated?
11. Would you recommend that article/book/film to a friend?

• Students state whether they agree or not with the author
• Explain your conclusion(s) by stating your reasons
• Ending with a general opinion of the article/book/film


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