Issues (things in the world that need changing) abound. Your job is to start changing them by writing about them. The important thing is that you make an argument: i.e., give premises (reasons) to support a conclusion against some opposition. If you think that writing doesn’t have to do with thinking (and vice versa) you are deluded.
Do not simply choose a topic where you disagree and do not simply summarize. Instead, choose an article or articles where 1) you can state the conclusion and the premises or reasons for the conclusion, and 2) you disagree with the main conclusion. You will then argue your conclusion against opposition. So, get to the point right away. For example, the first couple of lines: “According to <opposition> <conclusion>.” I disagree. In this paper I will argue: <opposite conclusion>.” Above all, have and start with at least one paper you disagree with. After an explicit introduction (in this paper I will argue,etc.), spend 1-2 pgs simply explaining and QUOTING your opposition. Then start ARGUING against them. No just saying “I disagree” isn’t good enough. For this course, if you don’t know, can’t explain, or just have bad reasons for disagreeing; then you don’t disagree. 
You should talk about something that is a real issue: a controversy with at least two sides.


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