ISLLC standards for administrators final project

This is my final project. You must complete the whole 3 activities. Make sure that you answer the final question (ISLLC standards for administrators if pursuing a degree in administration).

1. Placement Description: Look up a school. I have worked at Harper’s Choice Middle School and Lake Elkhorn Middle School in Howard County, as well as Lake Elementary-Middle and Woodhome Elementary-Middle in Baltimore City. Please pick one of these schools, look at their webesite and answer the following questions.
1. Describe the school and the neighborhood that the school serves (housing, SES, diversity, languages spoken, etc.).
2. By looking at the website, what do you think may be some positive attributes and negative attributes of this school setting. What challenges may this school have?
3. Which ISLLC standard applies the most? Justify your answer.
4. After researching this school, what else do you want to know about the school?

2. Service Delivery: Self contained classroom vs. Inclusion .
1. Research the difference between self contained classrooms and inclusion. After conducting your research, write a summary of the two.
2. Thinking about your future and where you see your self in 5-10 years, which model do you think would work best? Why?
3. As a future administrator, how will you assist your teachers in identify what is best for the students with whom you are working?
4. Which ISLLC standard applies the most? Justify your answer.

3: Work one-on-one with a student who receives special education services or with a small group of students where at least on student receives special education services. You have worked with students before. Recall a time when you have worked with a student to answer the following questions. The student can be a typical student or one with difficulties.
1. What strategies/techniques were used for students who have difficulty with reading? Writing? Math? How effective do you think those strategies were? What other needs do you think should also be incorporated that are not in place?
2. What activities were incorporated into the lesson (either one-on-one or small group) that you participated in? How did the student(s) respond to the activities? What did you think about these activities? Evaluate your performance working with the student(s)? What did you do well? What can you do to improve?
3. What techniques are used to encourage appropriate socialization among students both individually and in groups? Do you think these are effective? If there are no techniques used, why not? Do you think there should be?
4. Which ISLLC standard applies the most? Justify your answer.
5. After working with a group of students what are your thoughts? What would you have changed about how you taught the lesson or interacted with the students?


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