Is communicable disease preventable? A case study of Ebola outbreak in Nigeria and Sierra Leone and the efficacy of establishing emergency operations centers

PROJECT SUMMARY: This is a desk-based project for a business proposal investigating the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa focusing on Nigeria and Sierra Leone as a case study. The project will evaluate how some West African countries i.e. Nigeria has been able to tackle the Ebola outbreak successfully while other countries such as Sierra Leone was not able to tackle it successfully and on time which led to cause a lot of death across the country.

PROJECT PURPOSE: The purpose of the project is to determine the factors that can prevent communicable disease or containment of an outbreak in developing countries. Objectives: 1. To determine the success and failures of Ebola outbreak in 2 West African countries i.e. Nigeria and Sierra Leone in 2014. 2. To identify if any improvements are required to facilitate a healthcare system that can prevent other forms of communicable disease.

PLANNED OR DESIRED OUTCOME: 1. To develop a business plan demonstrating that Investing in a countries’ healthcare system and emergency preparedness would be able to tackle or minimise an infectious disease. 2. Demonstrate the ability to collate and critically assesses or interpret data. 2. To provide recommendations based on research findings.

RESEARCH DESIGN: Desk-based or secondary research

METHODOLOGY: 1. Literature searching using a systematic approach to searching for relevant literature or materials (qualitative and quantitative research) in order to critically appraise Ebola and analyse relevant data to support the project. 2. Internet searching, library searching, journals, periodicals, websites, newspaper and magazines will be used in order undertake the project.


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