Interpreting Poetry

Interpreting Poetry (10%)

Submit your assignment on or before the due date specified in the Course Calendar using your last name, first initial and assignment number as a title (e.g. Tilsond A5).

Read the poem The Death of the Hired Man by Robert Frost in your textbook and answer the following questions:


For each part you get marks for content (based on coherence and accuracy) and one for presentation (based on style and mechanics).

In one sentence, identify the theme of the poem and illustrate your statement by referring to a key image from the poem. 1 mark
Provide one quotation from either Warren or Mary to support your idea of the theme. 1 mark


Identify the meter of the poem. 1 mark


marking based on content (correct identification and persuasiveness) and presentation (style and mechanics)

Within lines 103 – 112, identify two similes and explain the comparison in each. 2 marks
Within lines 103 – 112, identify and explain three metaphors. 3 marks


Within lines 105 – 110, identify two examples of alliteration. 1 mark
Within lines 105 – 110, identify two examples of assonance. 1 mark
Total: _/10

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