Internationalization Process of Chinese Firm in Estonia: Case Evidence

1. INTRODUCTION (total page 2.5)
1.1 Background 1
1.2 Purpose 0.5
1.3 Research question 0.5
1.4 Objective of research 0.5

2. Literature review and theoretical background (total page 15)
2.1 Internationalization theories 3
2.2 Uppsala model & born global 4
2.3 Operation modes 3
2.4 Market choices and selections 3
2.5 International entrepreneurship 3
2.6 Theoretical conclusion 2
In pace with globalization, increasing amount of firms from emerging market are expanding overseas based on various considerations. Research on Chinese firms’ internationalization have been studied intensively by different streams of scholars in the past few decades, the research mainly focus on MNCs rather than SMEs, on major economies rather than smaller-scale economies. Thus, there is lack of attention on Chinese firms’ internationalization in small economies in the literature.
This Bachelor’s thesis is conducted in order to fill this research gap, meaning, thesis will analyze one Chinese SME that has chosen one small/open economy Estonia as the destination for internationalization. The thesis aims at exploring the internationalization motivation of the case company, the entry mode choices, and the initiation development of the subsidiary in Estonia.
A case study is going to be applied in this study, followed with a qualitative method of research.


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