International management: Managing across borders and cultures

As the managing director for your company, based in India, that manufactures computer equipment, you are negotiating
with an official in China. His job is to select computer equipment for city employees. You are adamant that you want all the
specifications named clearly in a contract. However, the Chinese official is not interested in the technical and financial
details. In one to two pages, explain why having a cultural profile of people in the official’s cultural group could help you
avoid a breakdown in communication in this situation. How can you get through the intercultural impasse and obtain a
contract that both you and the Chinese official find acceptable?
Your case study should be properly formatted to include a title page, running head, page numbers, and reference list. The
paper should follow APA guidelines for all resources for in-text citations, paraphrasing, and references.TEXT BOOK: Deresky, H. (2014). International management: Managing across borders and cultures (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.


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