International Finance Law

  1. The topic is identified in the attached document “International Finance Assessment. It is composed of 2 questions. first is an assessment of a scenario of a financial law offence and a discussion around it and the second is a discussion whether the Financial Conduct Authority should rely on its criminal or civil powers as effective enforcement tools.

    2. Please ensure the assessment criteria outlined at the end of the assessment document is followed

    3. Must use British english and OSCOLA standards for citations

    4. I would require at least the following number of citations: 4 books, 10 articles, 10 legal cases plus references to legal acts

    5. I have attached the course workbook for reference and guidance as well as the assessment document

    6. Course textbooks are “Law and Practice of International Finance, 2008, by Philip Wood”; and “The Law of Finance, 2013, by Alastair Hudson.” They should be sited along with more books

    7. The deadline is after 20 days. Quality is more important than time however I cannot pass the 20 day mark.

    8. Number of words must be EXACTLY 3000 words



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