Internal and External Environment of the Management of Information Technology

The second Case study is about the Vermont Teddy Bear, and it provides significant insights into an organization wanting to enhance its IT-business alignment to stay ahead of competitors.

The approach that transpired this turnaround at Vermont Teddy Bear will provide students with a clear understanding and set of challenges that can be applied to enhance IT business harmony. More importantly, it will help organizations recognize the important role that IT and business leadership must play as they collaborate to address the important considerations necessary to attain a functional level strategy. To demonstrate this transformation, the past and the current IT–business alignment of this organization is described to reveal the steps to enhance the impact that IT is having on the company.

After reading the case, answer the following questions.

What are the organizational challenges?

If you were the CIO or a consultant to the CIO, what would you do now to improve the Vermont Teddy Bear IT–business alignment?

What IT initiatives should be changed or implemented to increase the effectiveness of customer focus, market share, and channels of distribution objectives?

The recommended case length is about 4-5 pages double-spaced. Since a page is about 300 words, the total words are approximately 1,200 -1,500 words excluding the cover page and reference list page. Include five references.

Assignment Expectations

Length: Follow the number of pages required in the assignment excluding cover page and references. Each page should have about 300 words.

Assignment-driven criteria (25 points): Demonstrates clear understanding of the subject and addresses all key elements of the assignment.

Critical thinking (10 points): Demonstrates mastery conceptualizing the problem. Shows analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of required material.

Scholarly writing (5 points): Demonstrates writing proficiency at the academic level of the course; addresses the Learning Outcomes of the assignment.

Quality of references (4 points) and assignment organization (3 points): Uses relevant and credible sources to support assertions. Assignment is well organized and follows the structure of a well-written paper.

Citing sources (3 points): Uses in-text citations and properly formats references in APA style.


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