Interior Design and Styling

start by creating 2 sample board for a client sitting room, consider hat they want a glamour look:
for the 1st one, create a board with furniture, wall coverings etc.
for the 2st one, create a board with all accessories, flower, etc, that you would put into the room.

for the project, choose house and design the kitchen, sitting room, dining room, bathroom and a bedroom whether you choose a child or adult bedroom is up to you, but take the following points into consideration and include them in your client:
a-An introduction of your client:
Likes, dislikes
Build up a profile which needs to be 2 paragraphs at the most
b-What do they want you to do?
c-What you need to produce:
plan- original and new with furniture, lighting, electrics etc all situated 
Elevation with new layout
d-Sample boards
e-Mood/concept board-optional
f-Estimate- all the cost for the work decorating, carpentry, work etc.
g-Keep a record of all your time spent o tthe project- visits,phone calls, emails etc.


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